A lot of simple howtos for your Ubuntu system

About this site

 I create this site for the beginning Ubuntu user. You can find easy howtos for installing Ubuntu and setting up a base Ubuntu system. There are also howtos for enabling the desktop effects, setting up a network, etc. I hope you like the site, and that you can use it! 

What is Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a free operating system; you can download it for free and after installing all the software is free. There are no viruses for Ubuntu, so it's very safe to use. It's fast, stable and easy to use, and there is also a lot of free support. Ubuntu has got a lot of special effects, like the effects below this content box. After installing Ubuntu, you will have inmeaditly a lot of free applications, like OpenOffice, including a free text editor, a powerpoint editor, a excel editor, and lots of more. You will also have programs for playing your music, and programs to chat with other people on the internet.

Ubuntu Desktop Effects